French Creek Theatre is pleased to announce auditions for…


by Andrew Morton

Directed by Skip Corris


Following the death of his father, 15-year-old Daniel and his mother, Lisa, are forced to move to an unfamiliar new city. After a violent outburst at his new school, Daniel’s social worker, Michelle, suggests he spend a week working with her father, Bobby, an urban gardener of several abandoned lots in the middle of the city. A week soon turns into a few months, and, as the two men spend the summer tending the gardens, they begin to plant some much-needed hope in a neighborhood plagued by blight and help each other heal some old wounds.


March 31 – April 9

Fridays & Saturdays at 7PM

Sundays at 3PM


January 23 & 24

7PM – 9PM

Open call. Actors may prepare a monologue, but is not required. Auditions will consist of reading from the script. Actors can contact the director for advanced copies of sides.


Beginning the first week of February. Rehearsals will be from 6:30PM to 9:30PM, Monday through Thursday. Not everyone will be called for every rehearsal.

MICHELLE – Social Worker, 30s; Dedicated to the children on her caseload, perhaps too busy to pay attention to herself and her Dad’s needs.

BOBBY – Michelle’s father, 60s. Retired blue collar worker. Curmudgeon. Dedicated to the urban community garden which was the pride of his deceased wife.

DANIEL – At risk teenager, 15; Sullen, uncommunicative; grows and matures as a result of working on the garden with BOBBY.

LISA – DANIEL’s mother, 40s; Newly widowed, attending community college and working while trying to rebuild a life for herself and DANIEL.

ASHLEY – BOBBY’s neighbor, 16. Also on MICHELLE’s caseload; has made some bad choices. Grows through DANIEL’s friendship.